Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Joaqunix

In response to Joaqunix's post:
"now i am having second thoughts to join I had been weighing my decisions for a long, long time. i am very desperate to find a work-at-home data entry job. please tell me which one should i join. is good or bad? i am very confused! HELP! " - I can only offer the same advice I gave previously:

DON'T JOIN MY-DATA-TEAM OR ANY OTHER AT HOME DATA ENTRY PROGRAM! I have researched most of the popular data entry sites and have yet to find one that is anything more than posting ads on Google AdSense and hoping that customers click through your blog to a retailers site to make a purchase. The big boom is way over for this kind of internet marketing and if you are not already firmly established you have little hope of making ANY money through this kind of system.

As a good alternative try SiteSell which guides you through finding the right internet business for you, whether you want to sell a product or service. You can find them here:

Best of luck!

Monday, September 3, 2007


To Gary & Eman

Thanks for your emails - I can't really say if my-data-team or any of the other data-entry programs really work as claimed as I quit my online participation with their programs as soon as I found out they were misrepresenting themselves.

My-data-team is really a system for placing ads through Google's Adsense and on ClickBank and making a comission for off each product that is bought through your link. YOU pay for the advertising. Every "data-entry" system I researched operated the same way & I strongly recommend that you stay away from this type of work-at-home misrepresentation.

A good post on how AdSense really works:

A program that I have heard very good things about is SiteSell, their web program Site Build It & the developer Ken Evoy - it teaches you how to make money through a variety of legitimate online activities, though the process is somewhat complex and will take time to achieve real money results. The whole program costs $500 to start with yearly renewals of $300. My focus will be on affiliate programs where I am selling a product for a manufacturer or other retailer and making a comission just like a real salesman. I'm currently reviewing their program, checking online for scam reports & will post with my results soon. If anyone out there is using SiteSell or Site Build It I'd appreciate hearing from you.

A site I can HIGHLY recommend & have used for more than a year is The Newbie Club - this site and the author Joe Robson truly want to help you understand the www & how best to do buisness on the net.

Meantime, stay away from the get-rich-quick & the get-rich-easy scams.

For more about SiteSell, Site Build It & Ken Evoy:


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 22 - Refund received

True to their word, Web Colleagues refunded my $49 in 4 days. During that time, I wrote to Ms. Kauth’s site asking them the questions I should have asked Web Colleagues & this morning I received some answers (following is a copy of the email I wrote to at– their answers are in bold):

I’d like to know if any part of your data entry program requires me to join ClickBank? Yes you will have to join clickbank as they are the ones that will be issuing you your paycheck.

If so, do I only make money with your program by typing ads for ClickBank products or services? You will be making commission off of each product that is bought from your link.

Do I have to place & pay for ads on Google or Yahoo to make money with your program? We have free methods for you to use or you can use google or yahoo.

Will I be paid only when people click through & make a purchase through a link I have posted? You are paid a commission when someone buys the product you are promoting.

Is payment to me dependent on other people joining your program or by my becoming an affiliate for your program? No.

Is Ms. Kauth or your site in any way connected business-wise to Gary Endres? Yes he is the webmaster.

Is your site in any way connected business-wise to or other data entry site? Gary Endres is the webmaster for both the sites and many more.

So it turns out that is just another storefront for Mr. Endres, one that I find has been especially designed to appeal to women. I wrote back thanking them for their honest answers and asking if Ms Kauth is a real person & if that really is her story. I don’t expect an answer to this one, but you never know – someone may decide to tell the whole truth after all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 22 - The Gary Endres Connection

February 22, 2007

Last night I sent off my request for a refund from Web Colleagues and received my first response in less than 2 hours. After some difficulties on their part, and a few emails back and forth, they found my information and assured me of prompt action.

Now that I’ve had my eyes opened, I decided to do some more serious digging & I’ve come up with the following:

NOTE – all the information I am presenting is available to anyone on

Gary Endres is listed as the “Registrant Contact” or “Organisation Name”(yes, I know how to spell organization, but that’s the way the whois site has it spelled) for the following sites: (We Do The Shopping 4 U)

Phone number 602-501-7362 for is listed as a cell phone & “unpublished or unavailable” on’s email address is’s email address is’s email address is’s email address is
At least gold-rated has a business email address: but whois lists the admin. email address as

From’s site: “My name is Ray Ford and I am the founder of Gold Rated.Com along with my wife Dee.” Yet Mr. Endres is listed on as the “Organisation Name” and the phone # 602-369-2101 is listed on as (you guessed it) a cell phone & “unpublished or unavailable”.

See this article to find out more about the services that Mr. Endres offers:

At that site, you’ll find another phone # for, 925-890-5891 - also listed as a cell phone & “unpublished or unavailable” on

As you can see by now, this is a very tangled web that Mr. Endres weaves. I’m not in any way saying that he is breaking any laws or committing any crimes and all of the information I have listed in this blog is freely available on the web.

What I started out trying to do was find a way to earn at least a supplemental income by doing honest online data entry. What I found instead was con after con with supposed consumer review sites recommending sites in which they had a seemingly vested or financial interest.

The listing on for shows that the site is owned by “Domains by Proxy, Inc.” –so there’s no way of knowing who really owns the site.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just another scam

Sad to say, but after another full day of online research - research I should have done BEFORE I joined Web Colleagues - I've discovered that Web Colleagues is NOT about online data entry, but all about promoting affiliate products in via paid ads on Google. This is not “data entry” and you’ll find it explained on sites like this: &

"1.You sign up for an affiliate site like Clickbank, which gives you the ability to promote hundreds of products and receive a commission check for the sales you generate.

2.You write ads for these products, and place these ads on the Google or Yahoo network. Who pays to have these ads placed? You do.

3.If people click your ads and make purchases, you get paid your commissions.

The key to making money then, is to spend less on advertising than what you make in commissions. If you can't do this, you will lose money..."

These are the words of jacky4, not mine but I thank him or her in advance for letting me spread the message.

Web Colleagues isn’t exactly a scam, but their website is far from truthful. Apparently you really can make money using their program, you just have to convince people, through blogs like this one and paid ads on Google, that they should try whatever it is you’re selling for any of the companies that Web Colleagues lists.

By the way, the review site that I relied on to steer me in the direction of Web Colleagues and other data entry sites? Turns out it’s owned by Gary Endres, the same guy who owns & I found this online: - it all comes back to buyer beware.

So now I’m disheartened after thinking I could really make enough money from work at home so that I didn’t have to get back into the sinking ship race. I’m not giving up all hope yet though – I’ve also spent a good part of today researching Laura Kauth’s site & I have yet to come across anything negative about her or her business (outside of the atrocious spelling & grammar, very surprising on a site that promotes accuracy in typing as a plus!).

First things first, I’m going to ask for my money back from Web Colleagues. As far as I’m concerned, they kept the most important details of the work involved distorted until after I paid my money – and that counts as lying.

February 20 Out of Town

Just when you think you've got things under control, something pops up and derails you. I apologize to any & all who are following this blog - I was called out of town for the last 10 days and have just returned. Now it's time to pick up where I left off. Will keep you posted...

Friday, February 9, 2007

Day 2 continued

Day 2 cont’d.

All these sites offer “data entry” as a viable work at home option. Data entry is mostly defined as the process of entering data into a computerized database or spreadsheet - before the computer & internet ages, date was entered by office workers and consisted of mostly entering names into mailing lists, or copying figures for accountants. I should know, I did enough of it working at my mom’s office after school. Doesn’t really make you think of writing ad-copy or blogs, does it?

After much consideration I chose to go with Web Colleagues, a mostly rational decision based on the support they offered for the non-creative writer & the idea that I had that they were focused more on the traditional forms of data entry. The extras they offered were the irrational part of my decision and I suggest that you stick with the primary purpose of your decision to do this (which is making money) and not get sidetracked by the freebies.

Without giving away all of Web Colleagues secrets yet, I’ll tell you that I’ve started the program and followed their guidelines for 2 days now. I must say that their instructions and site links are easy to follow and everything has been going to plan.